Artists Spotlight

Before discovering Allah-Las a few years ago, I never imagined finding the exact sound and vibe of my favorite music from the 60’s. Formed in 2008, this LA based rock band… Read More
Matt Adams, the genius behind the psychedelic rock band, The Blank Tapes, has been making hazy surf music since 2003. His music library is impressive with over…Read More
Before I discovered the band Fuzz, I was completely unfamiliar and slightly intimidated with heavy metal music. I loved psychedelic rock and electric guitar solos…Read More
I grew up in a house of classic rock. I remember waking up to the sounds of Led Zeppelin and The Doors, while my Dad made his coffee. For most of my teenage years…Read More
Almost every day in my house I hear my children say, “Dad! I want to listen to The Growlers! Let’s watch The Growlers videos!” I usually chuckle and my wife often… Read More
I can still picture my wife twirling and singing to Joanna Newsom in our small apartment. We had just started dating but I already knew she was the one, in part because of… Read More
I first discovered the dream pop project Coco when they opened for Kevin Morby. I knew immediately that they had the perfect sound. Right when they started playing I… Read More