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Best Electro Pop Bands

I first discovered the genre electro pop in the early 2000’s with the band MGMT. I was immediately entranced by the synth-heavy riffs and catchy beats and I have loved the genre ever since, which originated in England in the 80’s. It has since grown into a huge commercial success around the world with acts such as Britney Spears and Lady Gaga popularizing the sound. The list I created dives more into the indie world of electro pop. The genre is known for its use of electronic musical elements like synth keys, computer-generated beats and effect-heavy vocals. 

  1. Inner Wave- This LA-based band is my favorite electro pop act and one of my favorite overall groups. They bring infectious catchy beats with synth heavy instrumentals and cool modern lyrics. After I first discovered this band I was hooked and couldn’t stop listening to them, which explains their cult following. 
  2. Mild High Club- This Chicago-based project formed by Alexander Brettin mixes jazz, hip hop, psychedelic pop and electro pop to create a perfect lo-fi sound. One of my favorite musical acts, Mild High Club is one of those rare combinations of genres that sounds so amazing when put together. 
  3. Men I Trust- This electro pop group from Quebec brings a smooth calm jazz sound, mixed with a steady synth beat and dreamy whispery vocals. They mix many genres together including dream pop, electro pop, jazz and indie pop to create one of my favorite sounds. 
  4. Sports- This electro pop group hails from the unlikely state of Oklahoma. Their style is a mix of David Bowie and Prince dance beats, dream pop soundscapes and ironic 80’s style pop. They use a lot of humor and love to sexualize their lyrics in funny ways. A very entertaining band, they captured my attention with their catchy songs and overall unique and cool personas. 
  5. Crumb- This Brooklyn-based electro pop group mixes together elements of jazz, electronica, indie pop and lo-fi hip hop. They have a calm smooth delivery and very hypnotic beats that make them highly enjoyable and addicting to listen to. 
  6. MGMT- One of the pioneers of mixing electronica and indie rock, MGMT became very popular during the mid 2000’s with their psychedelic dreamy sound. This power duo originated in Connecticut and have gone through slight sound changes throughout the years, from psychedelic indie rock to more of an 80’s new age sound. They remain one of the best bands of the 2000’s for their witty song writing, catchy songs and unique approach to modern music. 
  7. Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation- This Swedish psychedelic electro pop band mixes traditional 60’s style rock with modern synth heavy instrumentals. They are a very unique group and have had a lot of positive attention and critique for being a relatively new band. 
  8. STRFKR- This Portland-based band follows closely to a more traditional electro pop sound full of techno-style beats, long looping songs and colorful layered synth instrumentals. Don’t let their poppy exterior fool you as they are still very much an indie band who likes to stay out of the commercial spotlight. 
  9. The Marias- This LA-based electro pop band blends together jazz, psychedelic soul, Latin soul, R&B and indie pop. They sing in both English and Spanish in a smooth and velvety voice and love to use Latin jazz percussions, horns and guitar riffs to create a smooth, chill vibe. 
  10. Tame Impala- This Australian indie rock band didn’t start off being an electro pop group but slowly evolved their sound over the years. They grew to enormous commercial success after their album, “Lonerism” which paved the way for their new electro pop sound found in their next album, “Currents”. They are an amazingly talented band that blends together psychedelic rock, electro pop and indie rock to create a clean, well-crafted sound. 
  11. Badbadnotgood- This Toronto-based instrumental electro pop band is known for their production work but has an impressive number of jazz fusion songs. They mix jazz, electronica, hip hop and psychedelic rock to create a unique and dynamic sound. 
  12. Club Kuru- This London-based psychedelic pop group creates soft and subtle electro pop sounds full of catchy riffs and layered soundscapes. They have a unique style that takes from many different eras and genres. 
  13. Homeshake- This Canadian solo artist takes elements from hip hop and blends them with lo-fi indie jazz and electro pop. He has worked with fellow Canadian, Mac Demarco, and shares a lot of his style, with strange sounding guitars and synths. He has a great overall sound full of awesome bass lines and synthetic drum beats. 
  14. Meltt- This psychedelic dream pop group from Vancouver, Canada blends colorful, detailed soundscapes with indie, alternative rock riffs. This combination creates a truly breathtaking listening experience that has caught the attention of indie fans from around the world. 
  15. Paul Cherry- This LA-based musician, songwriter and producer has a funky style that pays homage to 80’s synth pop. He uses humor and satire in his work, which is highly addictive and entertaining to listen to. 
  16. Reptaliens- This Portland-based indie pop group is a nice combination of electro pop, psychedelic rock, art rock and dream pop. I have been a fan of theirs from the minute I first heard them and I’m hoping they grab the attention of a larger audience. They are smart and talented and draw from a wide variety of musical influences from around the world.
  17. Still Corners- This American/British band is a great example of traditional dream pop. They are probably my favorite dream pop bands behind the original dream pop masters, Beach House. They blend electro pop and psychedelic indie rock and flourish through their mellow, whispery vocals and echoing desert-vibes guitar work. 
  18. Tops- This Montreal-based indie rock band has a delightful 70’s disco style mixed with 80’s synth pop. Their vocal delivery shines and hits some wonderfully high notes while the background instrumentals are subtle, catchy and seductive. 
  19. Unknown Mortal Orchestra- This Portland-based mastermind of electro pop music has been creating experimental music for years. He finally received some recognition and commercial success for his album, “Sex & Food”. He has a mix of styles ranging from 20 minute experimental instrumental songs to pop songs reminiscent of Michael Jackson. 
  20. Video Age- This New Orleans-based retro pop band brings you back to the 80’s with their vintage style beats and primitive synth keys. They are on the border of being a cheesy 80’s style band, but somehow make a legit, worthwhile modern fusion sound. 
  21. Sunbeam Sound Machine- This Australian psychedelic pop project is led by multi-instrumentalist Nick Sowersby. He mixes elements of psychedelic rock with effect-heavy guitars, dream pop with trippy soundscapes and electro pop with a steady beat.
  22. Part Time- This San Francisco pop project was created by multi-instrumentalist David Loca. He recorded most of his expansive library of music in his home studio. He is a mix of primitive 80’s synth pop, soft rock, new wave and lo-fi bedroom pop. He really captures the essence of the synth pop era from the early 80’s. 

Written by Adam

By Adam

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