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The Blank Tapes: A Hazy Cloud of Psychedelic Smoke

Matt Adams, the genius behind the psychedelic rock band, The Blank Tapes, has been making hazy surf music since 2003. His music library is impressive with over 200 songs, ranging from short comical instrumental diddies to long electric guitar-heavy jams. I have loved The Blank Tapes for many years because of how they use humor and wit mixed with authentic 60’s style rock. 

Matt Adams grew up in Southern California, spending his days surfing and playing music. He is an artist and illustrator and does all of his album’s cover art as well as art for other bands including The Grateful Dead. His passion and drive for creating colorful music and art can be seen in his discography, which is diverse and extensive. He writes songs about the everyday mundane and uses humor to make light of his subject matter. His lyrics are what really draw me to his music, even though his instrumentals are very intriguing, complex and structured. Take the song “Way Too Stoned” for example. He has hilarious lines like, “I might lose my shit and then forget my phone” and “It’d be nice to have an ice cream cone”. The first time I heard this song I couldn’t help but laugh out loud to myself, a reaction most music doesn’t trigger.  He has this power with his lyrics, which is a unique and highly unappreciated effect of music in general. 

Along with his funny and witty lyrics, Adams creates complex and highly structured psychedelic rock songs, full of blues chords, unique progressions and trippy effects. He varies his style from classic rock and roll, to surf music, to folk to Brazilian style bossa nova. He even throws in these short funny little songs that sound like a game show theme or a kids cartoon. This variety and mastery of his instrumental side of his music is a major draw for me. 

The Blank Tapes, behind Matt Adams’ genius, creative and witty lense is one of my favorite bands and will probably remain so for the rest of my life. They have a timeless sound and a lot to say behind their hazy cloud of psychedelic smoke. 

Favorite Songs: Way too Stoned, Candy, Ebbs & Flows, 1000 Leather Tassels, Thinking About You, Early Birdy, 4:20, Do You Wanna Get High, Holy Roller

Genres: Psychedelic rock, rock and roll, neo-psychedelia, surf rock, folk

Score: 10/10 The Perfect Sound

Written by Adam


By Adam

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