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Jonathan Wilson: Dixie Blur

Jonathan Wilson’s newest album Dixie Blur is a beautifully crafted folk masterpiece. Like all of his previous work, his attention to detail is uncanny. He is really showing off his producer skills in this record, along with his song craftsmanship and instrumental technique. 

Jonathan Wilson has released four albums prior to Dixie Blur. Much of his earlier work has a more psychedelic rock sound of the 60’s and 70’s, relying heavily on his electric guitar solos and trippy soundscapes. Dixie Blur is a much more polished and mature folk album, blending traditional sounds with touching and at times sad lyrics. 

He begins the album with “Just For Love”, a cover of the 60’s Bay Area band Quicksilver Messenger Service. I was thrilled that he started the album with one of my favorite sixties gems. His version is perfectly done with a slightly slower and eerie vibe. He continues with his most popular song, ‘69 Corvette, which pays tribute to his father. The lyrics of death and loss combined with the violin creates a unique and magical sound that only Wilson can achieve. The rest of the album is full of amazing songs. Some of my favorites are “Platform” and “Golden Apples”, both of which are tender acoustic numbers with his trademark smooth singing style. 

Whether you’ve heard of Jonathan Wilson or not, Dixie Blur is definitely worth a listen. It is a perfectly crafted, sentimental album that blends country, folk and psychedelic rock. I highly recommend it, along with his entire library. 

Genres: Folk, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Folk



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