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Fuzz: A Homage to Metal

Before I discovered the band Fuzz, I was completely unfamiliar and slightly intimidated with heavy metal music. I loved psychedelic rock and electric guitar solos, so it was inevitable that I would discover and fall in love with the genre. Fuzz was the perfect gateway band to the energetic world of heavy psychedelic metal, exemplifying the power and technique that makes this music so enjoyable. 

Fuzz began in 2011 as a collaboration between friends Ty Segall, Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich, who all wanted an outlet for their heavy metal cravings. They have released three studio and two live albums. The first two albums, named I and II, have a similar garage metal rock sound, very primitive and raw, while their third album is a bit more polished and has a later 70’s sound closer to later Led Zeppelin. This Bay Area power trio really shines in their live work, extending their insanely technical and fast guitar solos, along with powerful vocals. They are heavily influenced by the original metal bands of the 60’s and 70’s like Black Sabbath.

Photo by Alexandre Pennetier

I remember when I discovered Fuzz in the cold, rainy Fall. I blasted them on my way to work for weeks. Charles Moonhart’s guitar work would bring chills up and down my arms and at times tears would stream down my cheeks. His guitar work is a rare and unmatched style. He plays very fast and heavy and at times sounds like he is using a whammy bar by pushing down really hard on the back of his strings. He is by far one my favorite modern day electric guitar players. 

Along with Moonhart’s guitar work is Ty Segall’s amazing steady drumming and powerful vintage metal voice. Of course we can’t forget about Chad Ubovich, who is key in their overall style and song writing. Together this power trio brings the heat and never lets up. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and definitely deserve a listen, even if you are not a heavy metal fan. 

Favorite Songs: One, Preacher, This Time I’ve Got a Reason, You Won’t See Me, Sunderberry Dream

Genres: Psychedelic Metal, Stoner Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock


10/10 The Perfect Band

Written by Adam


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