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Mild High Club: Going, Going, Gone

I have been obsessed with Mild High Club ever since discovering them a few years ago. Formed in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Alexander Brettin, this psychedelic pop group blends catchy lo-fi jazz with slow trippy harmonies. They have released three albums, Timeline (2015), Skiptracing (2016) and Going, Going, Gone (2021). 

After five years of waiting, Brettin and company finally delivered another masterpiece with Going, Going, Gone. A slight departure from his previous lo-fi work, this album is much more polished, with more of a hip hop beat driven sound. Scattered throughout are small little instrumental pieces he calls “Kluges”. Just like his previous albums, these small transitions add depth and mood to his work. This album is heavily layered, with a heavy emphasis on jazz piano, background wind instruments and synth drums. Together these create a wonderful sound, rich in dream pop and psychedelic tones. My favorite tracks are “Dionysian State” and “Me Myself and Dollar Hell”, both full of poignant social commentary and creative, colorful beats. Going, Going, Gone, although not as perfectly crafted and organized as his previous two, is still a masterful exhibition of creativity that I highly recommend. 

Genres: Dream pop, psychedelic pop, bedroom pop, lo-fi indie, jazz



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