Indie Music Forever

  • Best Canadian Bands
    Canada has produced some amazing bands over the years. They have a thriving artsy indie music scene with bands like Arcade Fire, Chad VanGaalen and Andy Shauf and a stable more mainstream sound […]
  • Best Electro Pop Bands
    I first discovered the genre electro pop in the early 2000’s with the band MGMT. I was immediately entranced by the synth-heavy riffs and catchy beats and I have loved the genre ever […]
  • Best Austin Bands
    Austin, Texas has always been known for having the best live music scene in the country. They are a melting pot of all kinds of music including country, blues and indie rock. Austin […]
  • Best Modern Psychedelic Rock Bands
    Psychedelic rock grew to enormous popularity during the mid and late 1960’s with bands like Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Doors. I grew up listening to these 60’s bands and […]
  • The Blank Tapes: A Hazy Cloud of Psychedelic Smoke
    Matt Adams, the genius behind the psychedelic rock band, The Blank Tapes, has been making hazy surf music since 2003. His music library is impressive with over 200 songs, ranging from short comical […]
  • Fuzz: A Homage to Metal
    Before I discovered the band Fuzz, I was completely unfamiliar and slightly intimidated with heavy metal music. I loved psychedelic rock and electric guitar solos, so it was inevitable that I would discover […]
  • Jonathan Wilson: Dixie Blur
    Jonathan Wilson’s newest album Dixie Blur is a beautifully crafted folk masterpiece. Like all of his previous work, his attention to detail is uncanny. He is really showing off his producer skills in […]
  • Buffalo Killers: A New Familiar Sound
    I grew up in a house of classic rock. I remember waking up to the sounds of Led Zeppelin and The Doors, while my Dad made his coffee. For most of my teenage […]
  • Mild High Club: Going, Going, Gone
    I have been obsessed with Mild High Club ever since discovering them a few years ago. Formed in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Alexander Brettin, this psychedelic pop group blends catchy lo-fi jazz with slow […]
  • Best Portland Bands
    Portland, Oregon has attracted indie musicians for years. I’m not sure what makes this city create and attract such great indie artists. It could be the gloomy rainy weather, or vibrant young liberal […]